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2. to break down or cease to work. The brakes failed. onklaar raak يَكُف عَن أداء وظيفتهِ развалям се falhar selhat versagen bryde sammen; svigte χαλώ, παύω να λειτουργώ fallar üles ütlema از کار افتادن hajota tomber en panne לְהִתקַלקֵל असफल pokvariti se, ne raditi elromlik rusak bila guastarsi 故障する 고장나다 sugesti bremzes nenostrādāja rosak het begeven svikte, ikke virke/fungere zepsuć się له كاره لوېدل falhar a se strica выйти из строя zlyhať pokvariti se pokvariti se strejka, inte fungera, klicka ไม่ทำงาน bozulmak 停止作用 зламати(ся) خراب ہو جانا، بگڑ جانا hỏng 停止作用

You hardly ever understand how fucking bothersome their guitar riff truly is right until they forget to earblast you with it at the conclusion of the video.

a stockbroker's incapacity to deliver or acquire safety in the essential time right after sale or obtain.

Failing to deliver securities, particularly in a short sale, could produce a condition in which the buy retains securities that do not basically exist. Further, it could create a chain reaction. In the course of the economical crisis of 2008, failures to deliver elevated.

The reluctance of both aspect to compromise means that the talks are doomed to (= will certainly) fail.

fail - come to be bankrupt or insolvent; fail fiscally and shut; "The toy organization went bankrupt after the Level of competition employed inexpensive Mexican labor"; "Many banking institutions failed that year"

drop monitor - fail to keep educated or informed; "She has countless publications, she just dropped keep track of and can't uncover this volume"

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Wasting every day - not anymore. This computer is going back to Windows seven which gues what - worked Microsoft - and without any update problems ever. Your Windows 10 is absolutely nothing but a failure In terms of main updates. Have turned off the update for the utmost time attainable - Microsoft cease forcing updates! Especially when they never work thoroughly!

Professional suggestion: for those who’re likely to edit your Picture, be sure you do the exact same with the reflection guiding you, or you may perhaps end up with anything similar to this clearly-edited Photograph of Beyoncé.

fail - turn into bankrupt or insolvent; fail economically and close; "The toy enterprise went bankrupt once the competition hired cheap Mexican labor"; "Several financial institutions failed that 12 months"

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